If you are interested in interviewing me for your podcast, personal interview or if you would like me to speak at your event, or if you wish to learn more about minimalism as a large family or with kids, I would love to connect with you! I am here to help you get over the overwhelm of motherhood and marriage and all that household stuff! I can help you find balance during the chaos of life. I have six kids — in November all of my kids are 10 and up! My eldest has graduated and heading to school in January 2018!

Let’s Collaborate! Feel like we would make a great fit?! 

I would love to collaborate! Sponsored posts, online video reviews, written reviews and posting on my social media. Let’s have more fun! I would love to help grow and develop different brands that would work well with my beautiful growing community called True to You! Something I started and love being a part of! Age range of readers are mostly female in the range of 35-55 years of age. Their children are 10 and up, and some of their kids may be leaving home or have left home! Some work, some work from home. Some are stay-at-home moms. They visit my site and social media to find encouragement when they are overwhelmed with life, motherhood and marriage! And the stuff. All the stuff that clutters up life! Let go of the things, and have amazing life adventures together! I believe in experiences, not things.


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