PUMPKIN GUTS! October 16 2017

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Hello Eighters!! We upload a video daily! My name is Cathy Empey, and I am a daily mom of six vlogger! Thanks for watching our large family! The Empey Eight. It is a Monday! We did a really out of the box, dinner. Chicken strips and fries. Why, because we wanted to get going (carving!) of our atypical pumpkin for our #eighters! Oh, and then our two eldest daughters decided to go buy two more pumpkins to carve! We now have a trio on our doorstep! Check us out on the blog! http://cathyempey.com

Six Times Mom. Wife. Daily Vlogger. Wild-Hearted Encourager. Minimalist. Large family life. Adventure!  #eighters #momofsix #largefamily #dailyvlog  Check out the blog! http://cathyempey.com


We are a large family of eight. Six kids (one boy, and five girls and yes, they are all ours!) 17,16,15,13,11 & 9! We are the Empey8!

We live in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia (Canada) with our Bernese Mountain dog named Callie and our cat named Marble. We love family adventures and spending time together! We also believe in the minimalist way of life, we recently downsized (again!) and want to have fun adventures with our kiddos! We believe in experiences, and not things! My husband and I love CrossFit, and also nachos. So do our kids. Except, one doesn’t like guac! (are you even our kid? lol) OK we also love California and Disneyland too. We have done two road trips to Disneyland with the kids and the MIL! We dream of taking our kids to Hawaii one day!


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