True to You 2017

hey there, lovely!

A couple of years back I had created a really fun online Facebook group called TRUE TO YOU, but life got busy and regretfully I deleted it. I had too much on my Mama plate. After starting back on my weight loss journey this past Monday (my goal is to lose these stubborn almost 60 pounds) I realized just how much I missed this group! So, I posted onto my Facebook wall today and I had a great response! So, the new group was created today called TRUE TO YOU!! If you are looking to be in the most awesome and fun supportive group of women, find us on Facebook! Come and introduce yourself! We can’t wait to meet you!

This is what I posted on my introduction in the new page:

I thought I would start by introducing myself! I hope you other lovelies will do the same!

Hi! I am Cathy, I am 45 years old. I am a Mom to six kids. One boy and five girls. I am right in the middle of life with my eldest who has just graduated! I have five more girls to go! I can do this! 🙂

I am still learning so much, but if I can help you in any way I am here to help, and if I cannot there will be so much experience here in this amazing group of women!

Life is all about being courageous  and aware of your fears, and taking action anyways! Let’s do this in all facets of life! My goal is to make the second part of my life, the best part of my life. I am working at getting strong at CrossFit. I have been going 5x per week since September. I took a month break to concentrate on moving and graduations. 🙂 I am back at it this week. It feels great to be back!

I have been a vegetarian (and at times closer to 100% plant based eating) for almost a year!

I consider myself a Minimalust* I have a strong longing for a minimalist life.  I also have a great desire to empower moms and families to live a simple life! It truly can be done. Currently we downsized our family including my MIL into a 1620 sf rancher, and I will be adding one more older kiddo to the family (well she isn’t ours but we love her dearly!) for some time. That is 10 of us, plus our cat and dog in 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 🙂

Yes, we are adding on to our-new-to-us rancher, but the process is taking longer than imagined! *insert crazy face here* However, once it is all done! It is going to be great.

I have so much more living to do!

Currently I am back to my healthy eating plan (started back on Monday) along with my vitamins and CrossFit 5x per week. I have slapped on my Vivoactive HR to track my steps and just to be more active on the whole. Something was missing, and it was this group and the energy and support it created!

Cathy xo






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