Six things not to say to a large family!

Over the years as a Mom to six kids, I have been asked many questions. I decided to share my top six, as we have our six kiddos.

In the past, I would sometimes answer questions if they were asked nicely and with sincerity. Some of the questions I didn’t want to answer (Especially when they were asked in front of little listening ears!)
Even if these questions were asked in a joking way (even by our closest of friends–made me feel sad deep down inside!) Usually I would just laugh the questions off. And joke right back, however, looking back, I truly should have stood up for myself. The things I could have said to my younger self. ¬†Oh, younger self. You should have stood up for yourself. You don’t need to take that from anybody. Instead, I would just let these comments burn in my memory. I would just try to forget. But I didn’t. So, today I felt like I had to share with others who might receive the same questions. It does get tiring! And seriously, I only have six. There are many other families out there with way more.

So for those of you Mom’s with large families, this is for you! Having more kids than available hands is not an easy road, but truly it is worth it. I can say this now that our youngest is almost ten, and our eldest is almost eighteen and graduated! I have been doing a LOT of looking backwards in order to move forwards in my life. I am in the middle of life, and I am going to make it the best part of life! I hope I have made a few of you smile today! It is always going to be difficult, but the challenges always change. Sometimes daily! For instance, instead of waiting for your baby to go to sleep, you are up at night waiting for your “original” baby to walk safely through the doors after driving in your car! Everything changes. I spend a lot of my time worrying about the safety and whereabouts of my teen kids.

The key is to remain positive, keep your chin up and never stop smiling. If you stop smiling, you just might cry! (Oh, and by the way it is OK to cry too! I have shed MANY tears this past year!!) Be willing to talk to others to get the help you need to get through any of the tough years. Because truly in so many ways each year is tough. They are just different. Just know you are NOT alone.

I am trying to not wish this time away, as I look forward to the snuggles and the I love you Mommy. The hugs. Every day life moves so fast! Enjoy your kids and your life! Whether you have no kids, one kid, six kids or more kids! When they grasp for your hand. Feel it. Look at those hands. Cherish every moment. I wish I had!

Things I think about! No wonder I lose sleep huh!

Cathy xo




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