She dyed her hair black! What?

Seriously. I have black hair. I have had dark black hair for almost five weeks. I still get shocked when I look in the mirror, and when I clean my comb or brush out after a shower! I am used to white blonde/platinum hair! I decided I have never had black hair before, and I wanted to try something new! So, I said to my stylist Crystal! Let’s do it! So it was done!

I also had my eyebrows microbladed for a second time by my friend Erin, and I had my teeth whitened a couple of weeks back by her as well! All in trying to make myself feel better, and to create a different me! I figure a change is as good as a rest.

I love having my hair dark, and I feel really badass these days. Except for the roots, they are so light that I look like I am going slightly bald. Oh, and there is that think where all six of my kids want my blonde hair back. So what do I do? I am just growing it out right now. As I know, it is not easy to go and reverse the black hair. It will most likely be something in a red/brown shade which I am not wanted to do on myself. I am guessing I will go back to blonde eventually. Or, see what my natural hair looks like?

So yes, here I am at age 45 with some black hair, more wrinkles than ever. 60 extra pounds that I dislike. A new home (we downsized to a one level home!) that I love and well, that is life here in the middle. In the middle of life I like to call it. Now, if only I can get a JEEP to drive around in…I think I am in some sort of midlife crisis? Something like that. My daughter Caroline drew me a JEEP today. She says she is going to buy me one…one day. She is so thoughtful.

I find it weird when I am singing along to songs in the car or van with my girls or my son. Is that weird? Or is that sort of cool? What do you think? I like to find ways to connect with my kiddos. So if we are all singing Despacito together? Is it weird or embarrassing? I kind of like it. Keeps me young, right? Now what keeps you young? Tell me your secrets mamas!! Especially after my first two days back at Crossfit. I am so sore!!

Cathy xo


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