Cathy 2.0! Week One (almost week two!) of the rest of my life!

Another week one! However I am calling this Cathy 2.0! I basically starting over. AGAIN. I have been wanting to blog about this, but after being so public with past attempts at weight loss etc. It is rather embarrassing (to be a failure and to not succeed has been just mortifying to me!) to have to basically start over again. OK, my maybe not over again, but close enough. I have pretty much hit my rock bottom in the health and weight department. I didn’t want to feel this way AGAIN. So, I created what is hopefully my happy story of my life and hopefully I can help others feel the same!

This set of jewels represents what I need to lose, and the empty jar is where the pounds lost will go. I have used this in the past, and truly it just works for me. I like visuals. 

To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed my life lately. Low energy, grumpy. Frustrated. Those words have been accurate. I forgot what it felt like to feel good everyday. You know, when you bound out of bed with a purpose!! I lost that. I would say for almost two years if I am being honest with myself. Two years ago, I had almost a six pack and I was truly in the best shape of my life. I ran a marathon, I ran a half marathon. I could seemingly do it all. Until I just gave up again. The pounds slid back on, and my health took a turn. I let myself go. I let my awful emotions win. I went through a really rough patch, and I have learned from this last time. It is OK to move forward with a clear heart and new intentions for my life.

Brown hair, fresh brows and white teeth 🙂

So, here I am, back on a fantastic meal plan and of course I have been going to Crossfit 5x per week (I had a month off to get our family moved and packed up, and then I got my eyebrows microbladed and my teeth whitened and I felt better just doing that for myself.) And then I went back to the gym. Yay! I missed my regular morning routine! That was last week. Last Monday. Oh, and my hair is a brown colour. Changes, changes. I am working my way back to blonde again lol.

I will update weekly. Every Friday I will let everybody know what is happening and to keep myself motivated!

Cathy 2.0 xo



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