Cathy 2.0 Friday Weigh In Week One

Happy Friday! Today was my first week on my plan. I have decided to make every Friday a weigh in day. I hopped on that scale and I am down 3.8 well 4 pounds. The jars you see here are a representation of what I need to lose, and what I have lost. I am trying not to focus in on the scale too much, but in order to keep myself in order and accountable, this system will be my visual. I am not going to lie, the first few days I was exhausted. I napped and I went to bed early. Same with the second day. Wednesday I felt slightly better. Same with Thursday. This morning! I woke up well rested, de-bloated and excited for my day! Also, a huge surprise! I can’t believe I have 1,000 followers on Instagram!!!! What!!! (Please watch my instastories!) a huge thank you to each and every one of you! Wow. I am so amazed!! Cathy 2.0 is the plan! I lost weight, yes, but it is what I feel on the inside. I feel an energy inside of myself that I haven’t felt in several to a few years. Amazing! If you don’t know what to do, just get started somewhere. Believe in yourself. Ask for help in the areas that need help. Write down those goals and crush them! Never give up on working on yourself. Everything in your life will change. Trust me!! I can’t believe how on fire I feel today! That shift of mindset. Believing I can be the best version of myself. Thanks for following along. Another update next Friday! Happy Friday!

My next weigh in will be next Friday! Week two begins! I know the weekends are tough! However, I am motivated to stay on track and be happy with progress! I am proud of myself for doing 5 Crossfit workouts and getting a bit more sleep which is a nice change!

I am going to register for next week on Sunday evening, and also when I receive my new plan for this week, I will create a grocery list and shop!

Have a great weekend!

Cathy 2.0 xo


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