Another first week begins

One would think that once you lose weight, it would be easy to keep off. Ummm nope. Not my experience. I lose, I gain. I lose I gain. How many times over have I lost the same bloody pounds. Way too many times. It is really terrible actually. And, I feel like a total loser in other ways.

So yah, yesterday. I had yet another start. Another Monday start. I have goals, and I am going to stick to them. I have professed this to my social media accounts! Feel free to find me @cathyempey on most everything.

Yesterday, I put my Garmin Vivoactive HR back on to track my actions. I haven’t worn it for almost a year. With all of the craziness of life, I went back to CrossFit after one month off. And today I find it hard to walk, and lift my arms. And, I got on that f’n scale. Who else hates that thing? It does keep me honest. And, when I got on, I whispered a number that I THOUGHT I would be. The number was lower. And, I am about a week out from the dreaded period. Got to love that.

So, today is day two. I am so freaking sore! I am just so proud of myself for getting back out there. Those are the goals I am committed to. See that! Yup. I am going for it!

If you are interested in joining me?!! Share with me your goals too! It helps to have a goal with a deadline. Without that, it is simply a wish.

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Cathy xo


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