5 KM row at CrossFit this morning

This is my face after rowing the furthest I have ever rowed! It was a for time, 5 km row which is 5000 m.

Happy Wednesday! Today was “Weightless Wednesday” at CrossFit as it is every Wednesday. I am thankful for this day! A lot of people are scared of these days?! I love a good challenge! Maybe I am a sucker for punishment? Wow, it was challenging to keep going. My hands got sore! I managed to get it done without stopping, and I tried to keep my rows at the 2:15 mark the whole way. I finished in 23:19.6 today. There was one other person rowing with me, the rest of the class went for a nice 4km run around some trail. I really, really would have loved that! However, my achilles won’t allow that right now. It kills me not to run! I have these bad lumps on BOTH achilles. I have sought out so much help to fix my problem, but the last place I have tried is actually at a foot and ankle clinic. So far, this has been pretty good. I just don’t want to tear!! OMG that would be awful and then no exercise for me. So, for now…lots of modifications for me. 

I could be sitting on the couch, and well…I am not into that. I want to get stronger and healthier as I hit closer to middle age status. I could already be there. All I know is that I want to keep active! For as long as I live! I want to live a healthy, happy and fun life full of adventure!

Crossfit just works for me, and I truly thankful to have such an amazing coach Aimee and truly the whole crew at Cloverdale CrossFit! Come and try it with me if you are curious!! There is also a fitness side if you are scared of starting right off with CrossFit. Whatever you choose? The good thing is, it is all can be scaled! Even  through injury/injuries. I am just thankful I can keep on moving! 🙂

Cathy xo




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